UK’s ‘cheapest’ electric vehicle home-charging tariff launched

EDF has joined forces with charge point operator Pod Point to offer what it claims to be the UK’s cheapest electric vehicle (EV) home-charging tariff.

The Pod Point EV Exclusive Tariff will be made available to existing users and new customers buying a Solo 3 home charger when they sign up to use EDF for their energy.

It will see customers charged 7.4 pence per kilowatt hour for energy used between the hours of midnight and 5am – during which drivers can schedule their EV to charge.

Pod Point’s overnight rate, it says, is combined with a competitive daytime rate, to provide customers with the best overall EV tariff based on typical usage. 

It explained that its EV tariff is the cheapest available based on an annual Ofgem typical peak usage of 2,700kWh peak usage and 2,000 kWh off-peak EV charging usage (8,000 miles) when comparing the average peak and off-peak rate of the Pod Point EV Exclusive tariff for customers paying by direct debit and have a smart meter, with the average peak and off-peak rate rates of EV specific tariffs from other suppliers that do not require control of vehicle or charger

Pod Point CEO, Dr. Andy Palmer, said: “We know consumers are most likely to charge their cars overnight at home, making sure that – just like the mobile phone on their bedside table – it is ready to go when they need it, whether that’s for the school run or the morning commute.

“This tariff will make home EV charging more affordable for thousands of households across the country, whilst still providing a competitive peak rate to deliver the overall cheapest EV tariff.”

All prices are sourced directly from the supplier’s websites and are correct as October 20. 


Annual Bill Estimate (£)

Pod Point EV Exclusive


Octopus – Octopus Go


British Gas – Electric Driver Oct24


Eon – Next Drive


ScottishPower – EV Saver October 2024


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