Harvesting Sunshine and Securing Your Solar-Powered Savings

PurasystemTM is Your All-in-One Solution for Solar Power, Battery Storage, EV Charging, and Solar Diversion.

Two critical challenges in the power generation and storage industries include:

  • Ensuring compatibility with Time of Use Tariffs from various energy providers.
  • Overcoming compatibility and communication issues when using products from different manufacturers with non-integrated software solutions.

NB – Time of Use Tariff’s are the industry’s answer to helping the national grid by incentivising homeowners to move their power consumption from peak time hours to off peak hours. This helps to balance the power grid and keep it robust enough to manage the immense amount of power our nation consumes every day.

The incentive is having much cheaper rates for off peak times and of course the standard more expensive peak time day rates. Eg Octopus Go 32p peak and just 9.5p off peak a saving of 70%.

To tackle these major issues Puredrive have created their own software by building their PURASystemTM designed to co-ordinate both their range of products and work with any energy providers TOU tariffs.

In our experience they are the only battery solution in the UK able to provide the ability to switch from energy provider to energy provider. All other battery manufacturers have all focused their efforts on managing just one Octopus Energy.

This of course means if a different energy company provides a better tariff in the future you are trapped into staying with the 1 supplier for the lifespan of your equipment.

Puredrive are the only solution to have succeeded in Future-Proofing your energy and financial savings.

The PURASystemTM APP Manages your power supply from your PV array and off peak grid times to ensure that you maximise the flow and consumption of energy at the best rates to meet your household requirements.

In addition, it manages their full suite of storage products, EV Chargers and Solar Diverters (for Hot Water Tanks) as they have been designed specifically to communicate with one another.


Hassle Free Automated Cost Savings

All Your Renewable Home Products on One Simple APP

Problem Free Seamless Integration
Avoid those nightmare compatibility problems between home battery and EV charging that we have all read about. Our fully smart APP automatically manages all of your renewable home products for optimal performance.

Optimise Your Energy Bill Savings
Manually set charges and human error are a thing of the past. The APP’s algorithm incorporates next-day weather, and your daily consumption profiles with the best grid pricing. This guarantees you maximum savings and therefore fastest return on investment.

User-Friendly APP
Use the APP dashboard or ask Alexa to give you a battery summary and it will tell you where you have used your energy and how much storage you still have left.

Solar Power
EV1 & EV2
Grid Power
Battery Power
Hot Water

Which Charging Mode Suits You?

Charge your EV from 100% green energy. At least 1.5KW of excess solar energy is required to initiate a charge.

Use excess solar energy and top up with the lowest-cost grid energy to ensure you have enough power.

Automate maximum savings by integrating your time-of-use tariff into your charging schedule ensuring you get the lowest-cost charge possible.

Never be caught empty! Ensure you have the charge you need when you need it.


Buy Low Sell High

Play the UK Energy Market and Stop Paying for Electricity


Combining Puredrive’s solar batteries with our Smart APP turns your home into a power station.  Our system allows you to automatically trade your energy at optimal times across the day, buying energy in the dip and selling your solar energy at peak periods.

Our system delivers the most optimised return on investment of any solar battery ecosystem.

Stay One Step Ahead of the Energy Suppliers

A growing number of time-of-use tariff suppliers provide their expected energy prices 24 hours in advance.

This allows our Smart APP to automatically track price changes and trade accordingly, without any clock-watching on your part.

We can automatically sell your excess solar energy back to the grid at the highest possible price that day. Conversely, those systems ensure that your batteries are charged only when the cheapest rates are available.

You’re automatically always getting the best deal, hassle-free.

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