Duracell Energy Platinum Partner

Unlock the Power of Duracell Energy Platinum Membership

 Exciting News! UK Solar Solutions Joins Forces with
Duracell Energy Platinum 

We’re thrilled to announce that UK Solar Solutions has officially become a certified Duracell Energy Platinum installation partner!

As part of this prestigious collaboration,  we proudly declare our commitment to excellence. Our team’s expertise combined with Duracell’s cutting-edge battery technology ensures reliable, sustainable energy solutions for your home.

Let’s power up a greener future together!

Why Duracell Energy Platinum?

  • Maximize Your Energy Cost Savings with Our Platinum membership which empowers you to automate energy charging, storage, and consumption. Say goodbye to unnecessary expenses!
  • Hassle-Free Management and seamlessly integrate with time-of-use tariffs, ensuring you always get the best rates.
  • Cleanest EV Charging  which charges your electric vehicle from the grid, battery, or solar sources. Go green without compromise.
  • Long-Lasting Trustworthy Power of Duracell’s legacy with reliable batteries extends to our energy solutions. Trust us to keep your home powered efficiently.
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